An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Capturing The Magic

I remember Star Wars ’77, my first blockbuster movie experience. I remember the way the movie took me in, fueled my imagination, and sparked a lifelong love of cinema. I grew up in a home where music was always being played, and recall fondly the many songs that made up the soundtrack of my youth. It is that love for both music and movies that drives every approach when it comes to recapturing the delight and wonder that accompany hearing a moving symphony or the excitement of an engrossing film. With decades of experience and results, certifications from the Imaging Science Foundation and Home Acoustics Alliance, my aim is to create an immersive experience. 

Whether it’s a dedicated theater room, state-of the-art media room, whole house music system, or even a more intimate family room sound system, we work to come up with elegant, high-performance solutions for everyone to fall in love with music and movies all over again.

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Where Science and Art Meet

Creatively Applying the Fundamentals

Crafting entertainment systems that are viable in different and diverse rooms requires a solid grasp of how source pictures and audio are mastered and then mimicking that environment. After all, the system you want is not making images and sounds, it’s reproducing them. For your system to deliver the goods as was intended, the design of such a system needs to account for the volume of the room, layout of the room and walls, seating distance from the display, setup and calibration. Enough variables to hinder even the most expensive misapplied solutions. Over the years, we’ve developed a good feel for what will and what won’t work – and we draft accordingly. Whether we’re designing a space together from the ground-up, or integrating or updating an existing room, we will design and recommend based on what experience tells us will deliver the best results.

Application of the science behind all this, mixed with a little creativity, can yield amazing results. In our journey together to cinematic Nirvana, we’ll work through a solution that we trust will exceed your expectations. We’re always happy to share from the knowledge and experience we’ve gained. We will be addressing a lot of processes and ideas going forward; keep checking back to see what’s new in the blog.

Planning And Design

Predictable Results

The most basic approach to delivering an exciting, immersive system is predictability. There is an endless host of products to choose from when planning a system, but experience and results dictate that consistency ensures you’ll get what you had hoped for when the lights dim and the movie starts. We rely on certain products for the complete solutions we design, but even when simply consulting on a project and building a shopping list for a customer, we recommend what years of play and experience tells us works best. Integration and performance are key; knowing what to expect helps direct the whole process.

For environments being designed from scratch, we apply acoustic science into the design of the size of the space, helping predict how sound will behave in the room and to aid in deciding what hardware to use; similarly, we account for handling of the image size and clarity based on the same rules used in mastering of the movie’s picture. Every care will be taken to provide a state-of-the-art home entertainment experience.