We develop entertainment experiences for the home, centered around music and movies. Our approach is to deliver the highest performance possible, with control that is intuitive and simple to use. Working from an understanding of modern entertainment systems, integrating networking, whole house audio, automation, and advanced surround processing, Ekho Home Theater Group is able to create customized solutions for the discerning homeowner.


Tom Dunne

“The way my house is built my wife’s home office is on the opposite wall from my surround sound system so watching TV while she’s working was a no-go. Ekho introduced me to Dynabox and they work great!! Now I can watch movies and she can take meetings! Thanks, Ekho!”

Rio Herrera

“As a new homeowner and an avid fan of movies and concerts, I can only say that I’m super excited at the future installation of my Atmos sound system! Thanks to Ekho I was able to sample a home system that blew not only my mind but my ears with just how impressive the sound quality is. I’ve always been a fan of loud and thunderous soundtracks when watching movies I love, but to hear every single amazing sound through the Atmos system was eye-opening. I can’t wait until my home renovations are done and the system Ekho designed for me is set-up. Thank you EHTG!”

Ryan Davis

“Gabe with Ekho was fantastic to work with. Gabe is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all things Home Theater and his dedication to being an expert in the field results in a finished product even the most discerning individual would appreciate. The best part for us was how we simply painted a picture of what we wanted and Gabe created a perfect solution while bringing explanations, education and instructions to a level our family could understand and employ! Definitely gets our recommendation to everyone we know.”